Pro Bono

Our Commitment to Pro Bono Representation

Our practicing consultants understand the deep responsibility to use their skills, experience and training to provide superior quality legal services to the less fortunate, charitable institutions, religious community, and educational organizations. Our consultants take accountability for the protection of civil and human rights in the countries where it operates.

Brook and Franklin Consulting Group's pro bono guidelines enforces all practicing consultants to dedicate a substantial amount of their time to a pro bono undertakings. Our consultancy firm has also initiated a Pro Bono Challenge and has vowed to utilize its greatest efforts to contribute in yearly pro bono activities with the amount of time tantamount to three percent of the firm's total legal service hours.

In deciding the compensation of the consultants and in assessing the associates performance, legal service carried out for the firm's pro bono clients is measured the same as equivalent work for the firm's paying clients; therefore there is no limitation of hours for pro bono activities. In 2010, the entire workforce of Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, including all the consultants and its staff have committed more than 80,000 hours to pro bono activities and projects.

The determination that urges our consultants to spend thousands of hours for pro bono activities extends beyond the courtrooms. Our consultants contribute and participate in the wider community in each country we operate working with local schools and universities, as well as assisting dispossessed individuals and youth in local confinement centers.