Legal Support Services

As one of the most diverse legal practices in the country, our consultancy firm greatly relies upon the knowledge and experience of our professional legal assistants, analyst support group and litigation support who are jointly known as Brook and Franklin Consulting Group's Legal Support Services.
This department backs up the company's corporate, litigation, estate planning and tax practice groups. Our programs are offered to both entry-level and career track positions.

As part of our consultancy firm, our Legal Support Services employees frequently have the opportunity to work with our global partners and colleagues. Our Legal Support Services Staffs are provided with the needed support they need in order to undertake their job assignments such as local and international travel, official training and professional enhancements, mentoring and the like.

Corporate Legal Assistants

Career opportunities for legal assistants are always available in every area of corporate business practice which includes mergers and acquisitions, private equity, finance, intellectual property, securities and real estate. Our junior corporate legal assistants are provided with a legal assistant advisor to assist them in their first job assignments within the firm. Our senior corporate legal assistants are given the opportunities to focus on a particular legal practice and are considered by legal teams for more intellectual works as describe by their level of experience.

Discovery and Data Management

Staff members of our Discovery and Data Management who also serve as litigation support are principally project managers and technologists who have excellent knowledge in the litigation procedures and technology application to meet needs and requirements of the clients. The Discovery and Data Management Team works and confers with legal teams, clients and sellers to ensure that the most excellent technology and precise workflow to meet the goals and objectives of the clients are met.

The Discovery and Data Management division are accountable for the preparation of electronic discovery approximation; assessment of vendors for the service appropriate to the needs of each case; developing, implementing and supervising technical workflows; offering discussion room and onsite support for trials and investigations; and responding to the training requests from various legal teams.

Litigation Legal Assistants

Aside from the opportunity of working on large-scale commercial legal cases, our litigation legal assistants are also given the opportunity to work on in-house investigations, international adjudications, and white-collar criminal defense issues. Many of our company's litigation legal assistants are expert case supervisors who assist in the administration of the discovery procedures and watch over large teams of support personnel. Our litigation legal assistants and case supervisors are comprehensively trained and educated in the use of our litigation support technology.


Brook and Franklin Consulting Group has an experienced team of litigation and discovery analysts that assist attorneys in documentation review and privilege log preparation, accurate research and analysis, graphic documentation and witness reports and preparation. Analysts frequently become attached with the consultants and legal assistants on particular issues and continue on as a vital part of the client team through the course of the case. The truthful knowledge obtained during the conduct of documentation review is an advantage to consultants through affidavit preparation and development of materials utilized during trials, hearings and investigations.

Job Requirements

All potential candidates and applicants for the positions described in the Legal Support Services must be willing to commit to a two-year contract with Brook and Franklin Consulting Group. Principally, we seek for applicants who are determined to pursue his or her professional advancements and have strong career interests in the legal service. As an international legal firm, we are interested and prioritize applicants who are fluent in foreign languages.

How to Apply

We welcome inquiries and applications from consultants and entry-level associates who can be one with us in promoting best legal practices worldwide and who are interested in a challenging and rewarding job at Brook and Franklin Consulting Group. To learn more about our current job opportunities and to apply directly for a job opening, visit our career section.

At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we believe that every employee or support staff has the right to work in an environment that is free from all forms of inequalities or unlawful discrimination. It is within our employment policy that our consultancy firm will hire, employ, promote terminate and undertake all employment-related decisions regardless of gender, identity, race, sexual orientation and preference, color, age and other basis prohibited by relevant local, regional, national, state and federal laws.

Note: All applications and resumes received by Brook and Franklin Consulting Group are strictly confidential and shall not be redistributed to any third party.