Professional Development

At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we are always committed to supporting the welfare of our consultants in attaining success in their respective fields. We are at all times focused in providing resources for their goals and needs. In order to provide the needs of our consultants, we regularly conduct training and development initiatives that are timely, sensible and practical. We advocate transparent work opportunities, coaching and mentoring that make our consultants excel to the best of their abilities.

We concentrate our professional development initiatives on the following key programs:

First-year Associate Program

Our first-year associates program provides specific needs of the consultants to become accustomed to the firm and its culture. We assist to make a smooth shift to active legal practice through monthly or quarterly trainings and availability of functional resources on a variety of legal topics to help you meet the challenges during your first year with the firm. A peer liaison is assigned to help you in the transition. Once you have selected a practice team to join in, you will be assigned a supervisor to support and evaluate your practice development.

Lateral Orientation

All lateral consultants working at Brook and Franklin Consulting Group receive complete benefits of our lateral orientation process. This includes being designated a practice group mentor as well as a focal person from the firm’s professional development department. Your focal person will meet you at specific intervals to ensure your immersion within the firm is going to be as smooth as possible and to back you up with mentoring and coaching as required.

Performance Guidelines 

In order for associates to continuously develop the specific skills needed to succeed in their preferred practice area, we require each of our practice groups to create and develop a set of guidelines to assist our associates achieve suitable work opportunities.

Mentoring Program

All associates and lateral consultants of Brook and Franklin Consulting Group are given the opportunity to select a mentor from a group of competent, experienced and well-trained mentors. However, before the mentoring program commences, we normally conduct training program for mentors to discuss with them the probability and expectations and strategies to come up with a successful consultant-trainee relations. Essentially, our mentors are knowledgeable and skilled consultants who can serve as a sounding board and assist new consultants explore potential career development through causal coaching, advising, and feedback-giving.

Career Development Plans

We have individual career development plan outlined for our practicing consultants and that plan is based on their professional development experience. Each associate is projected to create and develop such career development plan, which aids as a guide for continuing learning and professional growth. Our coaches from the professional development department will closely work with you to ensure that you are well-provided with the necessary trainings, coaching, mentoring and work experience you need to advance in the legal service.

Ongoing Legal education

We provide comprehensive external and internal Career Enhancement and Development Program that is designed for a particular practice group of Brook and Franklin Consulting Group. In 2007, we offered over 100 related ongoing legal education courses to our consultants and support service team, covering practice areas on legal ethics, practice development and many more. In most cases, our trainings are offered live, sometimes videotaped or web-based. During live courses, we hire the most experienced legal practitioners as our core speakers.

Performance Evaluations

We have created a Consultant Evaluation Committee that is responsible with the evaluation and assessment procedures of all the associates of Brook and Franklin Consulting Group. Through this evaluation process, your professional development plan is thoroughly assessed and objectives are set up for the following year. You will be provided with feedback of your professional development plan and follow-up on your objectives from your designated coach all throughout the year.