About Brook and Franklin Consulting Group

Dynamic ... Receptive Pioneering

An internationally recognized consultancy firm distinctively different from many traditional consultancy firms.

A class above our counterparts, Brook and Franklin Consulting Group advocates an entrepreneurial working environment with only the most competent consultants in its roster of employees spearheading unparalleled legal services in every jurisdiction. Brook and Franklin Consulting Group is a diverse yet extremely integrated consultancy firm with legal operations across global borders and cultures. At present, we have 16 offices strategically located in some of the world's most active commercial and business centers, many of which with initiated international legal undertakings.

Our consultants possess an unfathomable knowledge of their respective industry and local legislations. Collectively, we are bound together by strong mutual philosophies to get all things done, to share and cooperatively work for our clients objectives and business missions towards success in their business ventures.

We merge our sensible legal counsel with a deep comprehension of our clients business undertakings in order to determine and surmount their legal challenges. We fervently guard the superiority of our legal services, the success of our clients and the relationships built from these.
Outstanding Value

At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we highlight quality, competence and affiliation with our client's goals. Principally, we constantly enhance our service delivery and the value of what we act and execute in behalf of our clients. We promote and administer procedures and tools to develop pricing standards, training and resource optimization and information management.

Client Focus

Most active clients anticipate extensive knowledge of their business as well as first-rate legal skills from their preferred consultancy firms. At Brook and Franklin Consulting Group, we have an excellent combination of legal and industry knowledge and experience that enables us to better determine our clients requirements and needs and create suitable approach for the issue at hand. Our clients are provided with proven insights and guidance from our legal team that vigilantly analyze their needs and offer customized legal solutions in response.

Breadth and Depth

Our global legal practice covers almost all types of businesses worldwide. Our clientele come from most recognized international business corporations to emerging business entities; from individuals to local, regional and national governments. For the private business sector, we offer extensive legal advice to instigate hands-on strategies and settle disagreements. For the public business sector, we advice local and national governments on privatization of industries as well as advice them on the possibility of creation of regulatory regime under which new private business entities can capably compete.

No matter the circumstance, we are able to provide perfect cross-practice and industry-focused support that clients necessitate for success in today's ever-changing markets.

Business without Borders

Basically, Brook and Franklin Consulting Group undertakes its legal practice as one firm. With 16 offices situated in various but selected continents, our global legal practice concentrates on the markets where most active clients carry out their businesses. We are proud of our well-built working relationships with key and independent legal firms in Middle East, Asia and Europe and some parts of United States. Our comprehensive legal practice and industry knowledge is shared throughout our global network of legal counsels through the most strong and dynamic platform designed exclusively in the legal business.